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Patch 1.1 verfügbar
Written by Unknown on 02.11.2007 Time 14:51

The team of Fortress Forever built a new update for the mod, although it looked like it won't be played any longer.

Here are some changes:

  • Fixed disguise "enemy" to choose a random enemy team.
  • Fixed kill/death messages not showing/tracking.
  • Fixed death view slant.
  • Changed grenade and pipe damage radius up a bit
  • Changed water exiting push force up a bit.
  • Changed a bunch cvars people were using as cheats to cheat.
  • Changed decals not to draw on players & buildables. Pretty certain this accounted for a majority of client crashes.
  • Changed messagemode and messagemode2 binding to support auto starting the chat message. Ie, bind p "messagemode ^2" will begin the chat mode with ^2 already in the chat box.


Even the chat had a little update so you now can tell your team in which class you are disguising or how much health you sentry still has. It's also possible to post this in colour.

Let's hope that the patch will resolve the many problems like the spongy control.

You will find the whole client to version 1.1 (593 MB) and the update from 1.0 to 1.1 (84 MB) in our download section.


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