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Gamerservers available now
Written by Unknown on 05.11.2007 Time 20:48

After performance problems with our first gameservers we found a good alternative gameserver sponsor in Tiger24.net. They support TFPortal with two very good Team Fortress 2 servers with great pings and performance since a week.

Because of the popularity of CP_Dustbowl we decided to run one of the servers with Dustbowl 24/7. The other one is running with the normal known mapcycle. Both servers enjoys great popularity.

  • Gamerserver 1 - Dustbowl Only - Sponsored by Tiger24.net:
  • Gamerserver 2 - All Maps - Sponsored by Tiger24.net:

Both servers have 24 slots. Maybe we will extend it to 32 slots. If you would like to know the status, check our Gameserver section

We hope you enjoy our gameservers a lot. In the future you will find some events. Gaming against the TFPortal-Team.

See you on the server!


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