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SDK Today ?
Written by Unknown on 07.11.2007 Time 14:24

Up to now without SDK (Software Development Kit) it was only possibly in looping ways to provided new maps for Team Fortress 2. Also popular modifications needed to be reprogramed, because orange box games shows enlarged source engine parts. Now our colleagues from hlportal.de have found out that the SDK will probably appear tonight.

The Episode One engine will be available furthermore. That's why there is no beta version. Cause of compatibility reasons the new SDK will only work with both engines. This also explains the late release. This time Valve has spent more time with testing.

Team Fortress 2 becomes more and more popular. After CS:S it's the most popular Source-Mod, so we may hope for plenty of new maps and modifications. Maybe the developers of Valve take a leaf out to themselves and extend the official mappool.

Here the official announcement of Valve:

Hi All-

I wanted to let you all know that I have finished testing the SDK update
and it will go live tomorrow morning. Thanks very much for your patience
while I spent extra time testing it out.

As I've said before the main purpose of this release is to get the
updated content creation tools in the hands of the community. The next
major release will include the client and server DLL code for Episode 2
although there may be a couple of minor releases before to address any

Here are the interesting things to know about the release tomorrow:

1. The new SDK contains tools for creating content compatible with both
the Ep1 and Orange Box versions of the Source Engine.
2. By default the SDK launcher will launch the Orange Box versions of
Hammer, Face Poser, and Model Viewer.
3. Adding '-engine ep1' to the launch options for the Source SDK tool
will set the launcher to run the Ep1 versions of Hammer Face Poser, and
Model Viewer
4. There is a new directory structure underneath
a. sourcesdk\bin - contains the binaries needed to run the SDK
b. sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin - contains the Ep1 tools and the
GameConfig.txt that is run when the Source SDK is in "Ep1" mode
c. sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin - contains the Orange Box tools and
the GameConfig.txt that is run when the Source SDK is in "Orange Box"
5. There is a .vmf file for one of the shipping Portal maps in the
'sourcesdk_content' directory - testchmb_a_05.vmf. I will add an example
map for Team Fortress 2 in a subsequent release.
6. When running the Orange Box versions of the 'studiomdl' and 'vtex'
you should include '-nop4' on the command line to bypass our Perforce
integration with these tools. I will eliminate this need in a subsequent

We're launching the new SDK in the morning so that I can be available to
make fixes as soon as you get your hands on the SDK. Once it goes live
please feel free to e-mail me directly if you see any problems. We
aren't able to release this version of the SDK as a beta so I will try
to act as quickly as possible to fix problems and put out an update.

-Mike Durand


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