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Team Fortress 2 Update
Written by Unknown on 08.11.2007 Time 11:10

Since last night a new patch will update your Team Fortress 2 files. The main focus lays on the fixing of miscellaneous exploits. For example was it possible as spy to install the electro sapper through walls on the engineers constructions.

  • Improved paged pool memory tracking
  • Freezepanel hud improvements now trigger on usage of the "jpeg" command

Bug fixes
  • Fixed crash on importing spray logo that claimed to be a valid jpeg file, but wasn't
  • Fixed Medic's uber-charge stats tracking
  • Fixed a bug in scoring Engineer building destruction
  • Engineers no longer earn points for using their own teleporters
  • Fixed Spies exploit enabling them to attack while disguising, without losing disguise
  • Fixed Spies being able to attach sappers through thin walls
  • Fixed several melee weapon switching exploits
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to teleport with the intelligence
  • Fixed a client crash related to MP3 playing
  • Improved client handling of stats when a connection couldn't be made to the stat servers. Fixes several cases of stat loss


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