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Interview with David Speyrer
Written by Unknown on 09.11.2007 Time 21:36

The site Rock, Paper, Shotgun released a very intresing interview with David Speyrer, lead director Half Life Episode 2. The most intresing question is the last one:

[quote]RPS: A trailer for Episode Three was notable by its absence.

DS: We deliberately left that out for a number of reasons. One was we didn’t want to dilute the moment of the ending. I think if you’d watched the credits roll and then this high action Episode Three trailer came on, you wouldn’t quite feel the same. Another reason was to leave us open on Episode Three. We’re going to try and do something pretty ambitious for that project. We don’t want to over commit. If you look at the Episode Two trailer that we shipped with Episode One there’s some pretty radical difference between what you see there and see in finished game. That’s really an artefact of making a trailer for a product that’s still in heavy production. You just don’t know where you’re going to end up.[/quote]

So Valve is working on a big end for Half Life 2 Episode 3. Let's see what the future brings!


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