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Written by Unknown on 14.11.2007 Time 16:02

The site's changing! But not everything in the TFPortal.net world is just fine...
So, welcome ladys and gentlement to:

#TeamFortress2 in Quakenet:
We just had another overtake at our most popular channel. As a matter of fact, we can't do much against it, when it happens. We created the channel just for you to inform you about the latest stuff and help you with any problems you have.
The channel is now back on-line, so come back and have fun. We keep on working for you, even if somone wants us not to.
Come on and join #TeamFortress2 in the Quakenet

TF2Custom Maps:
Mappers are working hard on providing us gamers with new custom maps, as the original 6 maps were just too little.
Right now we have 29 maps in our download-section: Whether CP-, CTF- or 1on1-maps, we have them all. And the map numbers are increasing so come and check them all out.
Many thanks to DW|Hero as he is testing them all for public and for clan purposes and putting the good ones in the downloads just for you.

Just a short info as we have made little changes by your request. The important sections like forum, downloads and gallery are now shown on top.

There are community pages with more than thousand member, but as we just started, we're looking forward to inform you about our 300th member.
Many thanks for your loyalty and confidence. Stay and have fun ;)

Member 300 is: Madison.

As mentioned before DW|Hero joined our team. The second new member is DW|M1chee, who works on the english translation of the german board's content. (At least I try it ^^)
Welcome aboard you two!


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