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Be Part of the (Hardware)-Survey
Written by Unknown on 14.11.2007 Time 16:25

With over 1 Million participants the Valve Hardware-Survey applys as the biggest public collection of gamer's hardware constellations. Obviously it's an advantage for every developer to know on which hardware constellation they mainly have to focus when designing a new game.
Now Valve asks again for you support as they started a new survey. Up to now 20,000 users took part, but it's just too early to draw a conclusion about the changes.
As the first survey was in this year's spring, the most interesting point will be, how many gamers now play on Windows Vista (Spring 2007: 2%).

With the survey Valve also put a new Steam-Update online:
  • Fixed preloaded versions of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare being unable to launch
  • Allow two shortcuts to use the same executable
  • Added ability to create desktop shortcuts for shortcut apps
  • Fixed Friends notifications being able to go top-most over the top of the tray context menu
  • Fixed case where games would only launch in English
  • Fixed Friends names sometimes being used for Clan names, or vice versa
  • Fixed a rare crash when attempting to install a game
  • Fixed Friends bug where the last Friend would not be shown
  • Fixed the tray context menu to be easily dismissed without actually making a menu selection


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