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TF2 on your Desktop?
Written by Unknown on 14.11.2007 Time 22:36

TFPortal-member DMGaina did it again: He designed new Team Fortress 2 wallpaper!
Many user request made it into them and now you can get them in 3 screen resolutions.

You want a first look? Here you go:

TF2 - Wallpaper - Da Vinci TF2 - Wallpaper - Medic

TF2 - Wallpaper - Meal Fortress 2 TF2 - Wallpaper - Tech Pyro

Many more backgrounds you can get in our new section wallpaper in the Team Fortress 2 area.


tf2 - tf2_group_2_small.jpg - thumbnail tf2 - tf2_update_119.jpg - thumbnail tf2 - tf2_sam_and_max_special.jpg - thumbnail
More pictures


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