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Looking for a Matchpartner?
Written by Unknown on 14.11.2007 Time 23:01

Attention, guys!

A feature for Battlefield clans may now be used by Team Fortress 2 clans:
BFBot.net provides every clan with an IRC-Bot.

But what is BFBot.net?

IT's just that simple: You just have to enter your seek by the command "!tf2 yourseektext"
(for example: "!tf2 looking for 5on5 now! Qry me @ #myclan")
The bot will now post it in every channel he is in and possible matchpartners will soon contact you.

How do I get the bot?

There are two possibilities:

1. By posting in Forum at BFBot.net
2. Join the channel #bfbot.net and enter !request BFBot[n] #yourchannel http://your.homepage.com

More channels equals more clans to answer to your query. So, let him join your channel and get many seeks.


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