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Replacement for German cut version will run out
Written by Unknown on 15.11.2007 Time 21:15

Valve made it possible for German players with an US-/UK-CD-Key for Team Fortress 2 to change their cut German version to an uncut English version. But now Valve announced that this changing will stop soon, as our pals at HLPortal found out. Support-Tickets made up before the 13. November will be dealt with, after that they will only do it in individual cases.

Due to the fact that there is no certificate of age for Steam, adults cannot buy uncut versions of Valve's games. This problem mainly occured with the Orange Box as there were many complaints of frustrated customers.
In Germany it is somewhat hard to state your age: A German court stated out that you cannot just make a copy of your ID card for an age checkup, as you could bypass the German legal protection for children and young persons by this.


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