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Big TF2 Update - Changes for CP_Granary
Written by Unknown on 16.11.2007 Time 10:46

Valve just released a big update for Team Fortress 2 and the Source Engine. Next to some bugs, Valve made so gameplay changes for CP_Granary.
But firstly: The changelog of the Source Engine.


    Source Engine:
  • Fixed a bug in networking that would cause long stalls (up to 10 seconds) when a split packet would not be reassembled properly, which forced a full update to all clients
  • General optimization to tracelines
  • Fix for broken .dem file playback
  • Added backward compatibility code to allow demos recorded with protocol 12 to continue to be playable under protocol version 13
  • When showing "WARNING: Connection Problem", now indicate the number of seconds remaining before an auto-disconnect will occur
  • Fixed a bug that would cause NULLNAME to be shown as the player's name in the scoreboard for a short time


With this update Valve makes it possible for gamers to replay older demos. Further more the "NULLNAME" bug has been eliminated.

The Team Fortress 2 changelog is much longer. Next to an fixed exploit on TC_Hydro, where gamers could leave the map, the update makes some gameplay changes for CP_Granary.


  • Fixed exploit where spectators could spawn into the world without actually joining a team

  • TC_Hydro:
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow players to jump out of the map

  • CP_Granary:
  • Cover changes to the first capture points of both teams. Reduces some of the sight lines for defenders, and should make the area easier to capture
  • Teams that are holding more points will receive a greater spawn time bonus (spawn timer reduced for the winning team). This should help attacking teams build momentum
  • Minor visual tweaks to the BLU side between capture points 2 and 3
  • Clipped off a super high (demo pipe jump) perch in the middle area
  • Increased base round timer to 10 minutes
  • Added windows overlooking the final cap from the capture point 2 building (via new room next to conveyor route)
  • Minor changes to lighting in the middle area
  • Moved the middle spawn points farther forward (saves 6-7 seconds off a Heavy's run from this spawn to enemy capture point 2)
  • Reduced spawn advantage/penalty to a total of -/+ 6 seconds when on the final cap (from 10 seconds)
  • Fixed material alignment and model interpenetration issues in home spawn rocket rooms

  • SourceTV:
  • Increased default bandwidth rate from 5 to 8 KB/sec for spectator clients
  • Increased SourceTV demo buffer size for table class descriptions from 64 to 96KB. Team Fortress 2 was running over this

  • Performance improvement for copying unreliable data buffers to SourceTV clients
  • Updated the list of events in TF2 tagged for the director to play


A short recapitulation:
The middle spawnpoints have been relocated. The sightline for defenders at the home control points (CP1 for the particular team) is being reduced, to make the acces to these control points easier. The team that's holding more control points now get an extra spawn-time bonus, so the team can attack faster.

The update will automatically download when you open your Steam-client.


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