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ESL changes 6on6 Ladder System
Written by Unknown on 19.11.2007 Time 13:33

After many discussions about the Electronic Sports League's 6on6 ladder, the admins decided to cut off the „default_noshift“-system.

About „Default_noshift“:
"default_noshift": Just like "default", but without raising the score when ending even. This module used when there are 100% wins wanted or with a determined score (e.g. 2:0, 2:1).

100% to 0% (2:0)
33,33% to 66,66%(2:4)
total: (map1+map2/2)

That's the handicap with noshift. If a team wins a map with zero points, they cannot lose the match. Should the other team also win witz zero points, there will be a draw as just one round will makes a 100% score impossible.


The ESL now hopes, that it will make games fair with the new „tworound_windrawloss“-settlement. With this, the German system fits to the international system which uses „tworound_windrawloss“ for some time now. From now on the caps don't count, just the wins.


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