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New Achievements for Team Fortress 2 *update*
Written by Unknown on 20.11.2007 Time 11:23

The TF2-Achievements offer an additional stimulus for fans and gamers to reach certain goals in the game. After one month a lot of Team Fortress 2 players already completed all of those achievements. What now?

A fan who is interested in this matter sent an e-mail to Valve’s Erik Johnson. In this mail he asked what the standing is concerning achievements for Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 1, Day of Defeat: Source and Counter-Strike: Source.

[quote]Erik Johnson: We're planning on adding achievements to all of our games you touched on in your mail. We're just now coming out of the post-shipping haze, so these should start showing up on Steam pretty quick here.[/quote]

Valve is going to publish achievements for the named games. Erik didn’t want to let this single statement stand alone so he added these interesting informations for the TF2 players:

[quote]Erik Johnson: We're also planning on adding a bunch more to TF2, starting with an achievement pack for the Medic in the next week or so.[/quote]

Valve is going to release achievement-packs for the individual classes. They will start with the medic. It’s not clear yet which achievements this release is going to include.

Of course we asked Valve directly about this. Gabe Newell in person just answered our question, if this froum thread is correct.

Gabe Newell:

Well, what's more to say? :)


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