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Formation of a gamers council and Cupqualification
Written by Unknown on 20.11.2007 Time 19:05

The successful TF2 Release-Cup just ended and now the next ESL-Cup is soon to be started. This time the qualification depends on the activity in the ESL-TF2-Ladder to retrain the default-wins.
The deadline for the qualification is 02.12.2007.

[quote]Cup qualifikation:
More activity in the TF2 6on6 Ladder will be rewarded with a better qualification for the next cup. This means, that we will start the cup rather with less, but more active teams, than with more, but inactive ones.
We set the deadline for the cup for the 02.12.07 for you to consider if you want to join.
The cup itself will start the next wek after that, but we will give you separate information about it.[/quote]

For getting in contact with the admins and designing the ESL-TF2-Ladder more easy, they established a gamers council. The players who were invited, should check the ESL-Forum.

[quote]Gamers council:
Member of the gamers council will find the dedicated forum in the forum overview. We will introduce you to the participants during next week.[/quote]

Finishing, we'd like to show you the actual placing of the EU-TF2-Ladder and the DE-TF2-Ladder.


1. fof
2. In Die Anale Combo
3. HerbsArmy
4. Die Doppelnullen
5. CurseD


1. veil
2. Die Doppelnullen
3. HerbsArmy
4. RhineFire
5. plan-B.TF2


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