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Gabe Newell Interview
Written by Unknown on 22.11.2007 Time 12:06

Gabe Newell was interviewd by the Rock, Paper, Shotgun Online-Magazine and told some interesting things about Steam, the gaming branch and Valve.

For example Gabe Newell thinks that Valve’s success was caused by the extensive liberties in this company. Other developers have to work under more pressure because of the obligations they have regarding their publishers. This leads to that games are getting released although there is still a lot of work to be done. Valve doesn’t have much pressure because of their equity financing and can liberally work on their projects which gets acknowledged by their success and the quality of their games.

Concerning the personnel policy, Gabe Newell is trying to get the developer-genius Michael Abrash (id Software, Microsoft) on board. Gabe invites him to dinner every quarter. His Answer: “One day …”

Gabe Newell also elaborated on the names that were circulating before the foundation of Valve. Back then it was imaginable that instead of Valve the company could have been run under the name of “Fruitfly Ensemble” or “Rhino Scar”.

The massive amount of polls on hardware, which Valve started via Steam aren’t only interesting for Valve. Gabe announced that companies like EA, Microsoft or Intel inquired to get Details about these polls. Intel themselves sent suggestions to Valve about which other data could be requested from the participating users to gather even more details.

You can find more information about this in the interview on the Rock, Paper, Shotgun Online-Magazine site.


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