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Update for TF2 and the Source-Engine
Written by Unknown on 22.11.2007 Time 12:27

After the update yesterday, Valve released another one today. It’s not very big but nevertheless important. Yesterday’s patch should have eliminated the bug with which players can run around underneath the map. Obviously some players were still able to exploit this bug. Valve tries to fix this bug again in this patch and implemented a better protection.

  • Took a more aggressive approach to solving the exploit that would allow players to get underneath terrain in Team Fortress 2
  • Fixed a regression with walking on terrain in Half-Life 2: Episode Two

  • Fixed building bone merge cache from dormant entities. Fixes weapons in SourceTV attached to wrong bones
  • Pass over spectator UI and scoreboard in SourceTV mode, disabled/changed some VGUI elements
  • ALT will switch to Auto-Director mode in SourceTV

You will get this update automatically by starting Steam.


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