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Map of the week - CP - Castle
Written by Unknown on 24.11.2007 Time 14:27

Looking at the Steam Server List one will see, that there occured a significant change within the TF2 servers. The trend goes to Custom Maps. More and more servers are filled with non-Valve maps. As the 6 maps of Valve aren't enough, custom maps popped out of nowhere. Even our staff member DW|Hero doesn't have the time to test all the maps. We could give you all the maps without these checkings, but as there are some bugs and other problems, we find it more important to do this.

From today on we present you a new series: Every week we choose one map out of the growing map pool, which we find good and fitting for gaming purposes.

CP - Castle

Today we start with the map CP - Castle. The map was created by David Lohmeyer - REV6|VilePickle, who developed maps for many games. Right now there are some of his maps for TF2, which are just played now on many servers.

CP - Castle is like the official map CP - Dustbowl. All Control Points have to be conquered in three different phases by the blue attacking team. The red team wins, if they are successful at defending these Control Points in time.

TF2 Map - CP Castle TF2 Map - CP Castle

The map is rather big and offers space for 12 vs 12 matches. Textures and lighting are perfect and make the map look brilliant. Engineers are offered many possibilities where to build their Sentry Guns. Even with the map's hugeness, Snipers wont have it easy. Many corners and edges provide you with good cover.

TF2 Map - CP Castle TF2 Map - CP Castle

Custom maps have to be installed in the following folder (may differ):

F:/Spiele/Steam/SteamApps/YourNick/team fortress 2/tf/maps

We look forward to you feedback.


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