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Downloads back online - TF2 Mappacks
Written by Unknown on 01.12.2007 Time 12:35

As we made some updates to our download section, we had to let it go offline for a short time.

But now it's back online and you can download the files with full speed.

Next to this news, we'd like to inform you about to interesting map packs. DW|Hero collected the best maps to make you your downloads easier. The map packs will be updated steadily.

The CP-Mappack (78 MB) contains following "Capture Points" maps:
  • beach_b3
  • castle
  • crazedacre
  • floodzone2_v6
  • labor_b3
  • lazytown
  • overflow_b3
  • rats_alpha2
  • science_b2
  • warpath
  • wolf

The CTF-Mappack (84 MB) contains following "Capture the Files" maps:
  • 420_x-games_v1
  • blitz
  • crossunder_b2
  • dock
  • firmbases_beta1b
  • mach2
  • powerhouse_b5
  • respekt-b4
  • scorpion_v3
  • skyrise_b1
  • smooth_b2
  • stronghold_b5
  • turbine_v3

As the number of custom map servers is still growing and growing, you should not have any problems, when downloading the maps from our page. You will find our latest map of the week soon (probably tomorrow).


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