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Map of the Week - CTF Turbine (with special)
Written by Unknown on 02.12.2007 Time 21:30

Last saturday we introduced you to the first TFPortal - Map of the week
"CP - Castle". As this is a Control Point map, we don't want to neglect the Capture the Files Maps. This time we have a well built map to offer:
"CTF - Turbine".

CTF - Turbine

The creator of CTF - Turbine calls himself Lobster. His first map was the popular "CP - Wolf". In his second map"CTF - Turbine" he brought in his gained knowledge of "CP - Wolf" and created a small map full of action.

"CTF - Turbine" is a Capture the Files Map. Like in the official map "CTF - 2Fort" one team has to take the enemy's intelligence and bringt it back to their base.

TF2 Map - CTF Turbine TF2 Map - CTF Turbine
TF2 Map - CTF Turbine TF2 Map - CTF Turbine

The map is rather small and has many spots, where both teams meet. The bases in "CTF - Turbine" are mirrored and are connected throguh the turbine room.

Snipers won't find much fun as the passages are tight and the rooms are small. The Engineer on the other hand has many possibilities to build his tools.

TF2 Map - CTF Turbine TF2 Map - CTF Turbine
TF2 Map - CTF Turbine

There are may ways to the Intelroom. One leads directly from the turbine room to the ventilation shaft, which leads to the Intelligence right away or to the enemy's Resupply. Furthermore there are two other ways: The one on the left side leads after two corners straight to the Intel. The way on the right side leads to the Intel as well, but also passes the enemy's Resupply. Used with caution ;).

The Custom Map has to be installed to (may differ):

Steam/SteamApps/YourNick/team fortress 2/tf/maps

Finally we present you a little special:
A small interview with Lobster, the creator of "CTF - Turbine".

Interview with "CTF - Turbine" creator Lobster

TFPortal.de: Your map "Turbine" looks very professional and sophisticated. Did you have any sort of model or is it all your own creation?

Lobster: The first map I released "cp_wolf" was a remake of an old RTCW map, but I found it didnt translate as well as I hoped to TF2's unique gameplay so I went back and built "ctf_turbine" from scratch using a simple Figure-of-Eight design, then added the vent's and such.

TFPortal.de: How much time did you invest in creating the map?

Lobster: It really depends, the initial construction of "Turbine" only took a week to finish, then its just about how much detail you choose to add, "Turbine" was intended to be a test of gameplay rather than looks, so I wanted to get it released and let people tell me what to do with it.

TFPortal.de: Right now we have round about 60 custom maps. We think, your's is one of the handful really good maps, if not one of the best. What do you think makes a map good?

Lobster: I think the main thing is to keep things smooth and flowing, you see alot of maps that have clumsy obstacles and deadends, I always test my layouts with a scout first, a scout should be able to run around every route of the map without having to stop to climb over somthing or backtrack, I think thats
why a looping Figure-of-Eight as a basis works so well, also there should always be at least two or three ways to approach every corridor or choke point.

TFPortal.de: Will we soon get new maps from you after "Turbine" and "Wolf"?

Lobster: I should be doing a second version of "cp_wolf" at some point, I am not happy with how its playing, but I wanna take some feedback from people and get it right before i release anything, I do want to make more maps in the future, but as you say there are currently 60+ customs out there, so I wanna make sure the next one is somthing worth playing.

Thanks for taking an interest. :)

¬ Lobster


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