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Activity Cup
Written by Unknown on 06.12.2007 Time 20:40

Valve takes a nap, ESL doesn't. After some starting problems with choosing the teams, now the first round's participants and pairings stay firm.

For the qualification counted the number of played matches between 19th November and 2nd December .

Pairing for the first round:

RF - [KoP]

[~X~] - [S@W]

eCrew - cause

x23 - it's a farm!

Rheinfire has been rated as strongest team and rated first place.
After them it's a farm followes second place.
The game between the old Team Fortress Classic clans [S@W] and [~X~] will become worth seeing. As for now, both teams just met once, with an 1:1 draw on ctf_2Fort.

To give you an overview about the rules, we'd like to give you the following infos.

Map rules

    ctf_2fort & cp_well & cp_granary:

  • Every map has to be played with a timelimit of 30 minutes.
  • On draw, the game gets an Overtime of 10 minutes, where first cap counts ("Golden Cap")
  • If there is no cap while this Overtime, cp_well has to be played as Decidermap without any timelimit.

  • cp_dustbowl & cp_gravelpit

  • Both teams play two times as attacker and as defender. The team with most points wins.
  • If there is a draw after these four rounds, cp_well hast to be played as Decidermap immediately.

  • Matchmedia

  • Both teams has to show result screenshots . After the match, these screens has to be uploaded.
  • Demos are compulsory for all players. "record demoname" to start a demo, "stop" to end it. Records have to be stopped at the end of every round.


The TFPortal Team wishes all participants good luck for the Activity Cup's first round.


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