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TF2-Stats released
Written by Unknown on 08.12.2007 Time 17:22

Which class lives the longest? Which weapon does the most damage? Which Achievemnt has been reached the most? These questions are answered by Valve's just published Team Fortress 2 statistics.

  • Thus the Engineer lives the most, followed by Soldier, Sniper and Demoman.
  • Most played map is surprisingly CP_Gravelpit with 20%, CTF_2Fort takes second place. CP_Granary is found last place, probably because of the changes Valve did some time ago.
  • 62,5% of all players received the "Hard to Kill" Achievemnt. For "Hard to Kill" one has to kill 5 Enemies in a row without dying.

Team Fortress 2 Deathmap CTF 2FortTeam Fortress 2 Deathmap CP Dustbowl

The player's Deathmaps are also interesting. With them one gets an overview about the most lethal spots on a map, p.e. the center of CP-Well or the Control Points of CP_Dustbowl.

The metioned Stats can be found here.


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