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Map of the Week - CTF - Impact
Written by Unknown on 09.12.2007 Time 16:55

It's Map Of The Week time!
After CP - Castle and CTF - Turbine, our latest Map Of The Week is CTF - Impact.

The map so far is only Beta, but everyone should have it in his map folder.

CTF - Impact

Two weeks ago, we showed you David Lohmeyer's (aka REV6|VilePickle) Map CP - Castle. Today it's another one of his work: CTF - Impact.

CTF - Impact fits into the classical CTF-scheme. Both teams have their own forts and a Intelligence suitcase which has to be defended. As always, the enemie's suitcase has to be stolen and brought to the own base.

The map is rather medium sized. The small battlements allow it for snipers to find a good position and shoot everythin moving to the nirvana. Soldiers also can stay at the battlements for a front defense. CTF - Impact suits 6vs6 or 8vs8 battles.

There are two ways to get to the enemy base. Frontal straight through the main entrance and a second way around it. Using the second way, you get to the enemy rooftop and can jump right through to get to the Intel.

Many confusing routes lead away from the basement, which makes it easy for the offense to vanish from the defense view. A good communication is needed to defend the suitcase.

As you can see above, the base includes a glass roof inside the base. Defending teams can have a good view on the Intel. Interesting gimmick: The glass roof can be destroied by the enemy. After probably 2 minutes it will be repaired. Really good Soldiers or Demomans can jump directly from the Intel to the upper level, but they have to practise, as the jump-through area is rather small.

We hope to give you a felicitous map. DW|Hero supplies you with a terrific Clanwar mappack. It's worth a visit.


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