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TF2: 3on3 NightCup
Written by Unknown on 15.12.2007 Time 13:38

Yesterday the ESL startet a special event. The 3on3 NightCup was battled. In round 1 the clans had to play on CTF-Blitz. In the Semi Finals they had to play on CP-Well and CTF-Turbine V3 was set for the Final and the game around the 3rd place.

In the 3on3 NightCup 8 clans were lined up. 7 german and 1 austrian clan were ready to win the Cup.

The Line-Up:

HA - Herbs Army
Cl - Die Chlorreichen
IsF - International Special Force
aTx - Authentix
cause - cause we can
Hans - The Hans Moleman Connection
DDR - Die rasierten Soldaten Connection
pro. - progressive e-Sports[/quote]

Lets get to the tournament informations and results. For each map there was a timelimit of 15 minutes. If there was a draw after the time, the clans had to fight 7 more minutes in overtime. If these were also over, the points (kills) were counted.

[quote]NightCup Round 1 (CTF-Blitz):
HA - Cl default win for HA
IsF - aTx 3 : 2
cause - Hans 1 : 0
DDR - pro. 3 : 4

NightCup Semi Finals (CP-Well):
HA - IsF 4 : 0
cause - pro. 2 : 1

NightCup Game Place 3: (CTF-Turbine V3):
pro. - IsF. 10 : 1

NightCup Final: (CTF-Turbine V3):
HA - cause 2 : 4

Cause could win the final with the score of 4:2 against Herbs Army. In the game of place 3 progressive e-Sports could win easily with 10 : 1 against International Special Force.

Congratulations to cause!


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