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Activity Cup: Part 2, Xeno and its a farm! onward
Written by Unknown on 15.12.2007 Time 18:50

The Activity Cup is now within round 3. For us reason enough to present the current results from round 2. This time they played on CP-Gravelpit. Because of their siege Xeno, pro., eCrew und it's a farm was able to further qualify .

[quote]Activity Cup Winner Bracket Part 2 (CP Gravelpit):
pro. - [~X~] 2 : 3
eCrew - it's a farm! 2 : 3

Activity Cup Loser Bracket Part 1 (CP Gravelpit):
[S@W] - [KoP] 3 : 2
x23 - cause 0 : 4

Because of their loss in the round before the clans [S@W], [KoP], x23 and cause slided into the Loser Bracket. Retired from the Cup are the two clans [KoP] and x23.

In the first Final of the Winnerbracket the on position 5 seeded Xenos and the on position 2 seeded it's a farm! face each other. The match will be played on CTF-2fort.

Activity Cup Winner Bracket Part 3 (CTF-2fort):
Xeno - it's a farm! - : -

Activity Cup Loser Bracket Part 2 (CP-Dustbowl):
eCrew - [S@W] - : -
pro. - cause - : -


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