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ESL 6on6 King of CTF - Impact
Written by Unknown on 19.12.2007 Time 19:26

Even though only 5 Clans signed up for the Cup it still started.
This is the tournament tree:

[quote]Round 1 (ctf_turbine_v3):
4K - 0 : 0
s2d - 1/2 - : -
DW - 0 : 0
- atx. 0 : 0 [/quote]

So these Clans are in the semifinals DW and 4K aswell as atx. .

s2d won against 1/2 with a 10 - 1.
4K couldnt play their war thats whys2d were in the finals and had to play against the winner of the semifinals match between DW - atx. .

[quote] 1 Round
s2d - 1/2 10 : 1[/quote]

In the semifinalsatx. could win against DW. Thats why DW was placed 3rd since 4kings forfeited.

[quote] Semifinals
DW - atx. 1 : 3[/quote]

Now s2d. and atx. face each other in the Finals.

[quote] Finals
s2d. - atx. 6 : 3[/quote]
s2d. won the Cup and can now claim to be the King of ctf_impact_b4. Unfortunetly only 4 clans were able to play but that doesnt make the achievment ofs2d. any smaller.
Congratulations for the winner.


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