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Activity Cup: Its a farm is in the Final
Written by Unknown on 20.12.2007 Time 21:36

After 4 rounds its here , the Final. It's a farm! was able to win the semifinals, in the Winner Bracket, against the strong foe Xeno .

Activity Cup Winner Bracket Round 3 (CTF-2fort):
Xeno - it's a farm! 0 : 6

Activity Cup Loser Bracket Round 2 (CP-Dustbowl):
eCrew - [S@W] 2 : 3
pro. - cause 3 : 1

Statement: [its a farm]Kell3rm3nsch
We are happy to play in the Finals with 3 wins and no detour. The most exciting game was against eCrew with a 20 minutite deciding game on cp_well, while the semifinals against the Xeno-Project was easier then predicted. Xeno showed us in the match against pro. that they are good for one or two suprises.
On ctf_2fort we took the leading role straight from the beginning and secured 6 Caps, without Xeno getting a long glimpse at our Intelligence. It still was an exciting game and we are looking forward to the Loser Bracket Final to see whos going to challange us on our position.


In the Loser Bracket [S@W] could win against the eCrew . After the regular playtime each team got 2 points. After that the golden cap had to decide the winner. The Soldiers were able to get the neccessary cap and now they are in the 3rd Round. In the second game of the Loser Bracket pro. was able to win 3:1 against cause .

Activity Cup Loser Bracket Round 3 (CTF-2Fort):
[S@W] - pro. - : -

Statement: [S@W]Psy
Against pro. we definetly are the underdog but as you we could witness with Xeno-Project against pro. that doesnt mean everything. We hope to surprise pro. and are looking forward to the game .

Because they lost in the Winner Bracket the winner of the match [S@W] - pro. will be the next foe of Xeno-Project.


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