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Major Series for TF2 announced
Written by Unknown on 21.12.2007 Time 17:22

Team Fortress 2 is now part of the EU ESL Major Series (EMS), a premiership-like league system that can be compared to the well-known ESL Pro/Amateur Series. A total prize money of 1.500€ in cash will be distributed amongst the winners, but exact distribution and the qualification system still remain unknown.

The EMS will be played in the common 6on6 mode, though the ruleset that will be used is still controversely discussed between admins and players. ESL is currently using a "vanilla" ruleset without any classlimits or the TFTrue plugin. A petition, spearheaded by swedish power-house Schweden Kompaniet, was recently passed to the ESL admins. Supported by well-known teams such as EU 4Kings, Großbritannien charge and Deutschland veil, the document encourages the ESL to use the international standard ruleset (no crits, medliclimit 1 and a general classlimit of 2). Heated debates can be expected until the EMS opens its gates.

Auszug aus der Petition:
"[...]After the announcement of TF2 in the EMS, I would like to try and convince the ESL to go with the rules that both ETF2L and the SGL (SGL has some additional limits aswell) uses! The rules I'm suggesting are the ones used by the ETF2L - Medic Limit 1 and Class Limit 2, Critical Hits OFF.[...]"


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