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3on3 Night Cup II and Activity Cup
Written by Unknown on 21.12.2007 Time 18:52

Yesterday, the second edition of the ESL 3on3 Night Cup took place, being a preparation for the newly founded Deutschland 3on3 TF2 Ladder. A strong lineup of clans was present with delegations from Deutschland cause we can (champions of Night Cup I), Deutschland pro. and Deutschland Xeno-Project, fighting for the CTF crown. The following maps were played (and also play-tested for the 3on3 ladder): CTF-mach2, CTF-smooth_b2, CTF-blitz and CTF-turbine_v3.
The somewhat surprising champion turned out to be Deutschland SuperRobotMonkeyTeamHyperForceGo, all of them members from Deutschland Authentix. In an exciting final match on CTF-turbine_v3 they defeated the 3on3 team of Deutschland progressive esports with a narrow 3:2.

Deutschland SuperRobotMonkeyTeamHyperForceGo's way to the finals:

Deutschland TFPortal.de Night Cup Team - Deutschland SRMTHFG 1:4
Deutschland ready up! - Deutschland SRMTHFG 2:5
Deutschland cause - Deutschland SRMTHFG 1:2

In other news, the 3rd loser-bracket round of the ESL Activity Cup took place yesterday, too. On CTF-2fort the teams Deutschland Soldiers at Work and Deutschland progressive esports stood face to face to battle it out. [S@W] won over eCrew in the last round, pro. booked their place by defeating cause.
In a thrilling match Deutschland pro. won by capping twice and thus matching a 2:0 score. The consolation final will take place next week between Deutschland pro. and Deutschland xeno. On CP-well the second finalist besides Deutschland it's a farm! will be determined.

Statement from Deutschland pro.Desertstorm
"Soldiers @ Work did not play bad, no doubt about that, but I think I' not exaggerating if I say that we just were the better team today.

It was quite a nice match, a bit boring from my point of view (defending engineer), but for my mates it was exciting."



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