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Patch for the last Patch
Written by Unknown on 23.12.2007 Time 12:38

The last Team Fortress 2 patch was not the best gift to all players. The gameround counting on cp_dustbowl had failures, cloakes Spys who gained an archivement were cannonfodder and for some people soundproblems followed.

Now Valve put an End to this and released a small patch adressing these problems.


  • Restricted sound engine updates to a max of 100fps
  • Fixed the problem with mp_maxrounds not correctly counting the number of rounds for Dustbowl after the scoring change
  • Fixed cloaked/disguised/disguising spy reporting his achievements to everyone else
  • Added the ability for servers to have map-specific .cfg files in the cfg folder (missed in yesterday's release notes)
  • Fixed an audio problem in the previous update where sound corruption could occur on some systems


As usual you get the Update automtically through Steam.


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