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Vilepickle released CP-Castle 2.0
Written by Unknown on 23.12.2007 Time 13:53

The well known mapmaker David Lohmeyer aka REV6|VilePickle got back to work and tweaked his most successful mapCP-Castle and released a Final 2.0 version.

TF2 Map - CP Castle2 TF2 Map - CP Castle2
TF2 Map - CP Castle2 TF2 Map - CP Castle2

Vilepickle fixed the scoringsystem according to Valves changes on cp_dustbowl. Additionially some problems leading to a loss of FPS could be solved.


General Changes
  • Better optimization added to all 3 stages.
  • Most models have their fade distance set, so rocks across the map won't be drawn anymore.
  • New scoring system now in place: a point is added for each CP capped.
  • Detail added to the spawn rooms.
  • Decals changed to overlays, improving their quality and making them visible to all.

Stage 1
  • Windows added to the towers in stage 1 and 2.
  • A large castle wall has been added behind the stage to prevent excessive drawing from stage 2. At the right dropdown, FPs increased about 20.

Stage 2
  • An alternate route for blue is now in place before the traditional starting hallway. This should stop it from being a huge chokepoint, as there is already a chokepoint later in the stage (breaking through RED's spawn waves at 2B)
  • Area mostly retextured to distinguish it from Stage 1.

Stage 3
  • The keep walls are textured differently to give the area some variety.
  • Minor see through brush fixed.
  • Smoke cloud is slightly less intense.
  • An alternate door at the side entrance to CP 3B has been added.
  • The CP stand for 3B has been lowered. Scouts can now double-crouch jump onto it from either side (the front requires the boxes)


Apart from some optical changes, CP-Castle 2.0 gained alot more dynamic. This was accomplished by placing some more ways and some other minor tweaks.

TF2 Map - CP Castle2 TF2 Map - CP Castle2

But after all , you will decide which version is better. Have fun testing it.


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