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TF2 Fun and Communitystuff
Written by Unknown on 23.12.2007 Time 15:41

Everyone using our forums to present us your works and arts has the chance, that we will write a news about it.

First of all we want to appreciate Community Member DasMatze who killed his own boredom with placing all TF2 taunts into one video. Almost every TF2Player will know the taunts already but not everybody is playing Team Fortress 2.

Get the Video here.

Aswell from our Off-Topic-section in the forum we got some hints leading to these funshots. We don't want to comment too much, so we uploaded the best shots in this news for you. You can see more in our new TF2-Fun Gallery.

TF2 Fun - Engineer @ Portal TF2 Fun - Pyro Burns

TF2 Fun - Did I Hear Something? TF2 Fun - Demo meets Lady

TF2 Fun - Spy can't Sapp my Sentry TF2 Fun - Engineer

Now go and have a look at our forum and show us your TF2 funstuff to give others the opportunity to laugh about it.


tf2fun - selfmade_all.jpg - thumbnail tf2fun - selfmade_medic.jpg - thumbnail tf2fun - selfmade_pyro.jpg - thumbnail
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