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3rd edition of the 3on3 Night Cup coming up soon
Written by Unknown on 27.12.2007 Time 16:54

After starting the 3on3 Ladder the ESL has something more in store for 3on3 lovers. Considering the success of the first two Night Cups, it was just a matter of time until Deutschland 3on3 Night Cup III was announced for 03.01.08. With just one exception it features the same maps that Night Cup II did. So the map pool looks as follows:
  • Round 1: ctf_mach_v2
  • Round 2: ctf_canyon (instead of ctf_blitz)
  • Round 3: ctf_smooth_B3
  • Round 4: ctf_turbine_v3
Signups will open sometime on December, 27th. Interested teams should therefore check the ESL page often, since the few slots will be filled rather quick.


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