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Activity Cup: progressive esports in the finals
Written by Unknown on 28.12.2007 Time 17:33

In the long awaited Consolation Finals of ESL's Activity Cup-Loser Bracket, the two teams Deutschland progressive esports and Deutschland Xeno-Project fought each other for a place in the overall finals. Both sides had already met in round 2 of this tournament. Back then, xeno could take the win with a 1:0 on CP-well after a tied game on CP-gravelpit.

Good foresign for xeno, as this rounds map was CP-well again. After an exciting beginning phase, pro gained more and more advantage to build up a comfortable lead. The final result was a rather clear 5:0 win for the ex-RhineFire team who are now awaiting the overall final match against the yet unbeaten clan Deutschland Last One Alive Lock The Door. Both finalists have met numerous times before, so the finals will be worth to watch.

Statement from Deutschland pro.Desertstorm
"It was an exciting and good game and though the score seems rather clear, it was not as easy as it looks."


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