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Written by Unknown on 28.12.2007 Time 22:16

Since I gathered a lot of small pieces of information over the last days I'll give you a short summary about them.

We optimized the downloadsection, so it should be easier to navigate. We hope you enjoy it.

We opened an E-Sport-TF2-Forum to discuss about the current leagus. We hope you will make good use of this feature to argue about the hottest clanmatches.

Custom Map CP - Castle 3.0 Released
Some days ago we told you about the release of CP Castle 2.0. Now VilePickle, the creator of CP - Castle, informed us that two massive bugs made the map almost impossible to play. This is now fixed and the new version can be found in our download section.

TF2 Map - CP Castle 3 TF2 Map - CP Castle 3

We need you:
We are seeking 3 to 4 people, who will help us moderating our Forum. You should be friendly and always be there for helping people with their problems.

The final round has begun and we didn't receive any information about our placing yet. But sad to say we probably won't have won it facing the last results. Nevertheless we want to thank everyone for giving us their vote :)

400. TFPortal-Member
Meanwhile we have 403 registered members on TFPortal. Member no. 400 is PowerSchorni. Welcome to the club and a big thank you for all your support.

Map Of The Week
No , don't fear. The Map Of The Week has been postponed for the holidays. But it will return in 2008. Unfortunetly good maps are rare, so we sometimes have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for resupplies. Quality rather than quantity.

Finally a call for everybody: If you happen to have some nice looking actionscreens, send them to us! Just mail to sven@teamfortress2.de


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