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Fun: Team Fortress 2 Rejects
Written by Unknown on 28.12.2007 Time 22:31

Again something from our Fun-Section. A lot of people love Team Fortress 2. So a gamer's girlfriend made him a special present: She made a parody of all TF2 classes!

And here they are:

Team Fortress 2 Rejects

The Trekkie: Specializes in sci-fi trivia knowledge from Captain Picard's bra size to S-Foil repair, with a devastating melee attack of sitting on your face.

The Repo man: Pay up or he'll take your car, bitches.

The Chef: Can prepare over 15 variations of pickled cabbage and spätzle, and can charge players with his Carb Cannon. He's also a war criminal.

The Delivery Boy: A stereotypical yet endearing azn, with a 3-foot, magical spoiler on his Mitsubishi which allows him to drift at almost amazing speeds. He can also rap just like Jay Chou.

The Trombonist: Brass section leader of the City 17 Municipal Marching Band, he hopes to someday make drum major. His special attack is emptying his spit valve on unsuspecting enemies.

The Lawyer: He settles the legal disputes of Team RED. Most of his fighting gameplay occurs in a special map that is only available to other Lawyers, and is set in the courtroom. Arguably the most important class.

The Birdwatcher: Arguably the LEAST helpful class, they tend to camp out in areas with little traffic, since that's where most of the rare songbirds can be found. All they really care about is getting their SWEET MACRO CLOSEUPS.

The Interior Decorator: This guy has three different associate's degrees in interior design from prestigious community colleges, and can erect an entertainment center in less than 10 seconds. He also specializes in wainscoting and custom molding. To balance these tremendous skills, his melee attack of hurling the contents of his iced latte at enemies is notably weak.

The Raving Lunatic: With a massive, dangerous intellect, and the unpredictability of a wild predator, he has the potential to be the most devastating class in the game. Fortunately, that's why he's wearing a straight jacket. Still, his close to medium range attacks (shin kick and paranoid ranting attack) are said to be rather powerful if you know how to use them.


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