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Multicore support for Source Games
Written by Unknown on 29.12.2007 Time 17:44

As an E-Mail from a Valve employee tells us the source engine now fully supports Multicore CPUs to improve Performance. For the time being its in the testing phase and only works with Half Life Episode 2 and Portal , it works in Team Fortress 2 aswell but only if your the Client and Server at the same time.
Here is the complete post:

[quote]We have some multicore code in the current release that is still in
testing. You can enable host_thread_mode 1 to get a significant speedup
in ep2 and portal on dual core systems. It runs the client and server
logic in parallel. This also works in tf2 but you have to be running as
the client and the server to see any benefit (most players play on other
servers rather than hosting the game themselves so this isn't useful in
that case). Various parts of the networking and particle systems should
already being using your second core - so you're already getting some
performance improvements there.

mat_queue_mode 2 has not been a performance win for us on PCs. It's a
big win on xbox 360 but the differences in d3d implementations make it
less useful on the PC so I wouldn't recommend using that.

We do plan to ship and update that enables host_thread_mode by default on
multicore systems. It has been very stable for us, but we still need a
little more testing. We may enable that in a beta version in the near

Jay [/quote]

So whoever had low FPS can hope to gain a good boost now.


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