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New Project Leader: AfterShock
Written by Unknown on 29.12.2007 Time 18:13

The old one goes, a new one comes. AfterShock now introduces himself and tells us some details about what he wants to get done.

[quote]Greetings Fortress Fans! I am delighted to say that I (AfterShock) have taken over the project lead position, following in the footsteps of Schtoofa and Phish.

Having enjoyed the relative quiet that followed the mod's release, I am now back hungering for more fortress action. Here's some of the stuff we will be focusing on in the next month or two:

-Squashing more bugs.
-Increasing bunny hop cap back to 108%.
-Grenade throw speed slightly higher.
-More community-facing interaction.
-Updated website.
-Improved visuals.
-Continued innovation.
-Helping new players.
-Official servers to provide a base for the community.
-End of game stats / awards.
-Increasing FPS and decreasing loading times.
-Patch 2.0 with all the changes synchronised with a big PR campaign, advertising on Steam.
-Recruitment: We'll need a few more guys to help fill out the dev team.
-New maps.


We are excited to hear new stuff about FF.


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