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Come save into 2008
Written by Unknown on 31.12.2007 Time 20:16

Not much time anymore till the turn of the year. 2007 will be gone an 2008 will start.

Well, what should I as a webmaster say? It was a tremendious year! Finally the waiting got to an end and we can play Team Fortress 2 all day long.

But enough of the reviews.

At first, I'd like to thank all our visitors and members of TFPortal for their loyalty and daily visits. Keep on visiting! It just makes hell of fun to invest all my time into this page!

Furthermore I'd like to thank all the helping hands for their effort.

I'm thanking:

Our coder Alex aka Lob, who goes through all the page's code and implements my new ideas.
Daniel aka Schallf, my longtime colleague and friend, who even today finds the time to add some news.
My former co-webmaster Stefan aka BFG, who is back online and helps in the background for integrating improvements to TFPortal.
Marc aka Manji for all his news and the big amount of time he spents on writing.
Christian aka Chrizz, who draws up many news in a few weeks and adds many content.
The whole DW-Clan, who's always testing new Custom Maps for you.
Especially DW|Hero, who updates nearly daily our Custom Map Section, creates new mappacks for you and rates the new maps.
DW|M1chee, who rereads nearly all of the news and corrects mistakes, especially my problem with the words Control Point, as I always write it Control(l) Point. Furthermore he's responsible for translating News and Content.
DW|Nodachi, who is always there, if worst comes to worst and if a translator is needed.
Kai aka Fastje, who is always there, when problems are overgrowing and we need his opinion.
K3llermensch, who just popped in, but provides us with awesome E-Sport-TF2-Coverage and keeps up-to-date.
Fred, who gave us his Engiguide and helped many newbies for their start-up.
Our Member DMGaina, who created many great TF2-Wallpaper.
Alex from our gameserver sponsor Tiger24.net, who unbureaucratically gave us two of the fastest TF2-Server!
The ESL, for their great cooperation and the many exciting TF2 games! Keep it up!
Of course Valve for Team Fortress 2 and especially Torsten Zabka for the ingeniously support during 2007. Many thanks!
Trineas and King from our partner site, HLPortal. I'm looking forward to the nice teamwork!
TF[saigns.de], who always gives me tips to TF2 Servers and Plugins.
Lifi from the clan plan-b for implementing HLStatsX for our gameserver.
My TFPortal.de-TF2-Team consisting of Eisinc, m4rci, the Ducer, Elzor, BluEskY, Hank-Man, AiM and Dietschey, for the triumphant games. More of this!
Ax andBVB|Falko for many optical improvements for TFPortal. Still more to come!
[HA]Norris for his clanwar footage and the kind hints to Valve and TF2 news.
Last but not least Markus aka MOH-AW, whom I can bug for translations even during working hours.

I hope, I didn't forget anybody. As you can see, there are many people participating on keeping TFPortal up-to-date.

So, what can we say at last? Well, we wish you a pleasant new year!

Hop on the Heavy-Train ;-)


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