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Medic Achievements and Meet the XXXX Videos
Written by Unknown on 03.01.2008 Time 02:29

Fans are still waiting for the 36 new Achievements for the Medic. Supplies are planned. The Achievementlogos can now be found in the World Wide Web. But you don't have to search, we'll show you them:

Team Fortress 2 - TF2 - Medic Achievements!

Listed seperately:

  • Assist Capturer- Helping while capturing
  • Top Score Board - Leading the Score Board at the end of the game
  • Syringe Scoot - Killing a Scout with the Syringe Gun
  • Switch to Medic - Switching from another class to the Medic
  • Simul Charge - (?)
  • Setup Charge - Charging the Uber during Setup-Time
  • Save Teammate - (?)
  • Falling Teammate - Healing a falling teammate and securing him from death
  • Rapide Charge - (?)
  • Kill While Charged - Killing an enemy while Uber's ready
  • Kill Healed Spy - Kill an enemy Spy, who just stole Heal from your team
  • Invite Join Charge - (?)
  • Heal Under Fire - Healing while burning
  • Heal Large - Healing for a long time (how long?)
  • Heal Huge - Heal for an even longer time (?)
  • Heal Grind - Being an MegaUberSuper-Medic (when?)
  • Heal Ingé - Healing an Engineer
  • Heal Callers - Healing teammates, who called for a Medic
  • Heal Achiever - (?)
  • Freeze Cam Ragdoll - (?)
  • Extinguish Teammate - (how to extinguish?)
  • Medic Counter Charge - (?)
  • Charge Juggle - Giving Uber to different teammates
  • Charge Friends - Ubering a Friend
  • Charge Blocker - (?)
  • Bonesaw Spy Caller - Killing an enemy Spy with the Bonesaw
  • Bonesaw Nomisses - Killing an enemy with the Bonesaw without missing the target
  • Bonesaw Medic - Killing some enemies with the Bonesaw (how many?)
  • Assist vs Nemeses - Getting a Assist-Kill againsta Nemesis
  • Assist Soldier - Getting a Assist-Kill while assisting a Soldier
  • Assist Scout - Getting a Assist-Kill while assisting a Scout
  • Assist Pyro - Getting a Assist-Kill while assisting a Pyro
  • Assist Medic - Getting a Assist-Kill while assisting a Medic
  • Assist Heavy Long - Assisting a Heavy for some time (how long?)
  • Assist Heavy- Getting a Assist-Kill while assisting a Heavy
  • Assist Demoman - Getting a Assist-Kill while assisting a Demoman

As you can see, many Achievements require teamplay. Some can be achieved by assisting the different classes. Further more you get a reward for killing an enemy Spy, who just stole healing from a Medic or just called for a Medic. We'll give you further explanations as soon as Valve gives the package to the waiting fans. Remember, the achievements are not official. The list is out of the Team Fortress 2 materials. Here a screen from the TF2-Materials.gcf file!!! This one we made cause many fans wrote us with the question, were we got that list!!!!

Team Fortress 2 - TF2 - Materials.gcf

Point two of the agenda are the “Meet the XXXX” videos, which present us the individual classes from the TF2 Line-Up. Interesting to know: Valve's planning to release German versions of the videos. Valve's PR-Guy Doug Lombardi just told us this in person via E-Mail. Looking at Meet the Heavy, we can see the Heavy with his gun "Sasha" in Russian.

Valve: Doug Lombardi We're hoping to have German language versions of some of the Meet the XXXX videos in the next week or so. The next new movie and the achievements are in the works, but we haven't issued a release date just yet.

As always a release date isn't yet fixed, however we are strained on the features Valve holds ready for us.

Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Video - Meet the Demoman! Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Video - Meet the Engineer! Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Video - Meet the Soldier! Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Video - Meet the Heavy!

For you again the four so far published class videos by Valve. The Soldier is according to our download statisticsat place 1. Place 2 takes the Heavy, followed by the Engineer at place 3. Unfortunately we couldn't find out, which video we can expect to be the next. I'm betting on the Sniper. What do you think? Which video can be viewed next? Please write your opinion in the Comments down below.


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