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New ESL ruleset
Written by Unknown on 03.01.2008 Time 18:48

The ESL got a Gamer's council since two months, you might know. Finally, they did something: Since this morning they released the new rule set for the ESL's Deutschland 6on6 ladder. The Server-Config itself didn't change, as they just added the following rule:
9.1.2. Plugins
To avert unintended resp. unnoticed game manipulations, the installation of all Plugins is strictly forbidden and leads by disregarding to penalty points for the specific team. This belongs to Plugins, such as TFTrue or the Mani Admin Plugin.

This means that the popular TFTrue-Plugin has to be deleted by teams, which want to play international. However ESL-Admin Deutschland Antraks promised to take care of this topic again
to find a better solution.

Above all the regulations regarding the obligational Screenshots and Demos were made more concrete. All changes can be found under "Related Links".


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