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3on3 Night Cup III - TFPortal.de-Team wins
Written by Unknown on 03.01.2008 Time 22:24

16 teams met again for already the third time of the popular Deutschland 3on3 Night Cups to win the miniversion of the crown. Among them were prominent clans like Deutschland progressive e-sports, Deutschland Herbs Army and both former winners Deutschland cause and Deutschland Authentix. Our TFPortal.de participated for the second time.

After both former titleholders atx and cause lost in the first round, the TFPortal.de-Team fought right through to the finals, where they met pro on CTF-turbine_v3. Just miliseconds before the game ended Deutschland TFportal.de | m4rci made the decisive Cap to the 3:2 triumph.

Here's the Deutschland TFPortal.de killing spree:

Authentix - TFPortal.de 0:1
TFPortal.de - xeno 6:1
TFPortal.de - ready up! 4:1

The Lineup of TFPortal.de:
Deutschland theDucer, Deutschland m4rci, Deutschland dietschey

After the match I got Deutschland TFPortal.de | dietschey for a little interview:

Question: "In every round you had to fight against well-known clans. Were you nervous about the games or did you just play with the saying "We don't have anything to loose"?"

Answer: "That's a good question. We sure were prepared for the Cup. At first the team was consisting of AiM, m4rci and myself, but after some small discrepancies between AiM and me, he left the 3on3-Team, so we had to look for a new "Third". We made a good choice with our "Deffwall" theDucer. To be honest, I didn't give us large chances. But after the first victories against xeno and the Doppelnullen we just had to be the winners... we were hot ;) Some little luck here, a good Cap there and we were in the finals against pro. The score was 2:2 after 14:59 minutes and m4rci set for the last jump with the Intelligence and secured the final point at exactly 15:00 minutes. It was a great Cup, but I hope that CTF-Canyon will be revised."

"The 3on3-Cup is treated as the 6on6's little brother. Is the TFPortal.de-Team now ready for other scenes like the 6on6-Ladder?"

"This question is even better. The team will join at first the ESL's 6on6-Ladder, maybe later the ETF2L will follow. But it could be that all this will happen without me :( Although I'm the leader, I want to prove myself in Herbs Army. Nevertheless I might come back soon, as the guys here are easy! Thanks!"


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