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Freeweekend in Germany started - We invite you!
Written by Unknown on 04.01.2008 Time 16:17

From this night on until Sunday night you can play the fully functional version of Team Fortress 2 for free. You just need a Steamaccount, the Steam-Client and - of course - the Gamefiles. All this can be found at the TF2-Steampage.

Team Fortress 2 - TF2 - FreeWeekend Germany!

We'd like to invite everyone, who is ready to play, to visit our TFPortal Gameserver.

There are two gameservers ready: The Dustbowl Only and the All Maps Server, which is also playing some Custom Maps. If you want to look after these and other Custom Maps, just visit our Download-Section.

Furthermore we'd like you to know that everyone, who has played on our servers can now see their stats due to the covering via HLstatsX. A big thank you out to Lifi and Helios from the clan plan-b for the quick help!!!


We wish you a pleasant TF2-Freeweekend and are available for all you questions. Just contact us or use our forum.


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