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Highlander 9on9 Cup *Update*
Written by Unknown on 05.01.2008 Time 13:39

Just a few days ago, we told you about the ESL's 9on9 Highlander Cup. The interesting thing about this Cup lays in the classlimit. There can be only one of each class.

Now the maps are published:

[quote]# Round 1: 01/06/08 - 20:00 CET - cp_dustbowl
# Round 2: 01/06/08 - 21:00 CET - cp_gravelpit
# Round 3: 01/06/08 - 22:00 CET - best of three

In the final round, each team can choose one map for the bo3 match. The third map will be either chosen by the teams or by the admins, if the teams can't agree on a map.[/quote]

In the first two rounds there have to be played Dustbowl and Gravelpit. Later on, in the final round, every clan chooses one map each and one map together. When they can't determine what to play, they can contact the admins. Winning two of these three maps lead to victory and winning the Cup.

At first the Cup is defined for 8 teams, but as soon as there are 16 teams signups for the cup, it will be enlarged.

If you are interested, just visit the Signup-Page or the IRC-Channel #esl.tf2 when having further questions.

We wish you good luck!


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