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ETF2L - A short summary for the beginning
Written by Unknown on 05.01.2008 Time 19:06

The Europa European Team Fortress 2 League's (ETF2L) first season starts on 07.01.2008. So it's time, to get a closer look on the new and ambitious league.
Head-Admin Deutschland dAyKiLLeR himselfs tells us the following about the ETF2L:
As a proper organized and structured TF2 league with good support is still missing, the ETF2L came into my mind. We started the league in the end of November with the motto "from gamers for gamers" and everything went pretty good so far - resonance was great and the feedback strictly positive. Now we are just a few days before the beginning of season one.
51 Teams from 11 different countries, including such prestigious teams as 4Kings.Intel, The Last Resort.Tagan, Kompaniet (with the well-know Quake 3 and 4 player"fox"), plan-B and also 11 German teams. So we aren't just the biggest European TF2 league (with even more members as the ESL or Clanbase), but also the only one with every European top team.
The aim of this pan-European league consists of cooperation between the participating clans and creating a competitive platform just like the community wants it to be. Following this, there were some votings during the last weeks regarding the ruleset and the mappool. Within these controversal discussed votings the ordinary international ruleset had been chosen, including the TFTrue-Plugin, which controls the disabling of Crits. Furthermore they limited the classes: There is only one Medic per team allowed and every other class can only be chosen twice.

Furthermore the following maps has been chosen:
  • CP-well
  • CP-granary
  • CP-gravelpit
  • CP-dustbowl
  • CTF-2fort
  • CTF-turbine

The league system itself is organized similar to the German football. There are four different Divisions, in which the games are played for championship/ascent and descent.
Sadly there are no German clans in the first division, but the following international top teams:
Finnland Blood Pressure
Finnland Clan United
Finnland ColdFusion
Frankreich FoF
Europa Four Kings
Schweden In Die Anale Combo
Schweden Kompaniet
Europa The Last Resort
Großbritannien charge
The German clans can be found further down below in Division 2b. The are Deutschland veil and Deutschland last one alive lock the door fighting for an advancement.
In Division 3 are among others the following German teams Deutschland Soldiers At Work, Deutschland Friede seiner Asche and Deutschland simply iQ.

Altogether 50 teams are playing in the ETF2L'S first season, what surely can be matched with famous leagues like ESL and EnemyDown.
Of course, we'll inform you about the ETF2L in our coverage. Will the rules stand the test and how successfull will the German clans be? You'll get to know it here at TFPortal.de.
Until the ETF2L's starting shot you can satisfy your appetite with teh official "Meet the ETF2L"-Trailer:

High Download the quality-version at TFPortal.de (29 MB)

Or watch it directly in the Stream:


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