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Activity Cup Finale - it's a farm! vs pro
Written by Unknown on 07.01.2008 Time 18:47

This evening at 9 p.m. CET the ESL Activity Cup's Overall-Finals will be held between Deutschland last one alive lock the door and Deutschland progressive e-sports.
While the first mentioned were unbeaten and directly qualified for the finals out of the Winner-Bracket, pro had to fight through the Loserbracket after a defeat against Deutschland Xeno-Project and getting revenge on them to get to the finals.
The final itself will be played in the Best-Of-Three-Mode. The first two afirrmed maps are CP-well and CP-granary. Should there be a draw, they have to fight on a thir map, which then has to be decided by both teams.

Both teams pro and last one alive lock the door belong to the best in Germany, so it will be a very thrilling game.

For all those, who want to watch, a SourceTV-Server is ready:



1. Map CP-granary - Deutschland it's a farm! vs Deutschland pro 3:6
2. Map CP-well - Deutschland it's a farm! vs Deutschland pro 2:3

Deutschland progressive e-sports wins the ESL Activity Cup thanks to a 2:0 victory in the Best-Of-Three-Match! Congratulations!


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