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EMS - Qualification: Pre-Registration openend
Written by Unknown on 10.01.2008 Time 16:06

Not much time anymore for the Europa ESL Major Series to start. From now on interested clans can register, so the ESL can estimate the actability of the national Qualifiers. After all there should be as much qualifier as possible.
So all those who want to win the with 1,500 Euros remunerated EMS, should check out the below mentioned 'Related Link'.

Furthermore we have so news about the future EMS-ruleset. As Deutschland ESL | Misfit is telling us, there are two different possible rulesets between the admins have to decide. The main point regards the use of the TFTrue-plugin:
1. Starting with No-Crit, Classlimit 2, Mediclimit 1 and checking, if there occur problems with the plugin.

2. Keeping Crits active, using Classlimit 2 and testing the TFTrue-plugin in the cups. If the plugin comes in handy, the ruleset could be changed in the EMS qualifications group phase.

A final decision is announced for the 13.01.2008.


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