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ESL announces next 6on6 cup
Written by Unknown on 10.01.2008 Time 16:58

With the finish of the DeutschlandESL Activity Cup, the last open cup ends. But the ESL is planning the next big tournament by starting another 6on6 cup, which is open for all European teams.
Special feature: The ESL will use the TFtrue-Plugin for the first time and plays with the following ruleset:

- No Crits, Mediclimit 1, Classlimit 2

Thus the ESL let follow their announcements acts and is testing the mentioned plugin in connection with the restrictive ruleset for further leagues and cups. Overall 32 teams should play next weekend from 18.01. to 20.01. for the victory. The final on sunday (20.1). will be shown live on the German GIGA eSports-TV at 22:00 CMT.

The ESL is still looking for well-engineered custommaps to enlarge the standard mappool.


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