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Progress update
Written by Unknown on 10.01.2008 Time 23:22

There's some kind of up wind at Fortress Forever after the leaders change at Fortress Forever (as we reported). The actual ongoing was posted in a small status report from the Fortress Forever team.

Fortress Forever - FF Map - Shutdown2 Fortress Forever - FF Map - Shutdown2 Fortress Forever - FF Map - Shutdown2

They worked a bit on their FF-Wiki and added a big load of content. More is coming soon. With [AE]5316 they got a new Textur Artist, who's going to work on the visual optimation of the class models, Sentry Guns, grenades and projectiles.

The work on Fortress Forever sure will progress as the following listing shows:

  • We now have a working 'explosion radius' piece of code (thanks DrEvil!). Previously, explosion radius was done simply on the damage of the explosion. This means we can raise the impact distance of rockets (so it's easier to push people around with them), whilst maintaining the same damage.
  • The HUD animations for taking damage has been altered, so it is much easier to tell when you are low on health, whilst in the middle of a firefight.
  • Nail grenade has been tweaked so it doesnt destroy server CPU any more. This should decrease lag and increase FPS.
  • The speedometer is now visible in its entirety (thanks Zatoichi!)
  • SG's and dispensers now spark when they are low on health. We're playing with different effects to see whats the coolest.
  • Bunny hop cap has been raised slightly

Further changes are going to be tested by the FF-Team, news will follow within the next weeks.

A pleasant news at the end: As the FF-Teams tells, the community is growing again after the release of version 1.11 and the holidays. They are hoping that this won't end shortly and will increase again with the next release.

In the community, it seems activity has picked up and we are seeing an increased playerbase across the board. I don't know if this is because everyone upgraded their PCs at christmas, or some people are giving 1.11 a go after giving up at version 1.0. Either way, we are certainly excited to see the numbers start rising again, and hope that the next patch will further increase player numbers.[/quote]


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