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Update brings more Speed and Security
Written by Unknown on 12.01.2008 Time 18:09

Yesterday there was a little update especially just for Steam. This updates promises more speed and security for Steam.

There was always the problem, that user had to give their account-details to strangers. This will now be dammed up by a security advice. The following warning will show up when you give your passwort to someone in you friendslist.

Steam - Passwort Sicherheitsmeldung

A further change belongs to the download speed as Steam is now capable of getting the download content from multiple servers. Thus the download speed definitely will increase.

The other changes in the overview.

  • Added several new account security warnings to Friends
  • Added the ability for the client to connect to multiple content servers and improved download pipelining
  • Added "View Forum" option to the right click menu for individual games
  • Fixed friends going auto-away when they are really active and typing
  • Possible fix for games sometimes disappearing from the games tab
  • Fix for non-Steam games getting permanently removed from Steam if the data fails to load on startup
  • Fixed the in-game overlay becoming slow/unresponsive for some users after playing for several minutes or more
  • Fixed the in-game overlay failing to come up for Windows 2000 users
  • Improved in-game overlay compatibility with ATI Tool (video card tuning software)

Let's hope that the blessing of updates will continue.


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