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Major Series with ETF2L-rules
Written by Unknown on 12.01.2008 Time 18:59

The ESL took some time to decide, as there is a huge debate for some weeks now in the international and German ESL-forum about the TFTrue-plugin and the classlimits.

But now, they announced their decisions - one day earlier as planned - regarding the rules for the Europa ESL Major Series. It's now played, like the ETF2L, with the Europe-wide most played ruleset:
  • no Crits, Mediclimit 1, classlimit 2

Statement of the ESL-Admins:
Although we aren't 100% happy about the TFTrue-plugin, it became standard to the international 6on6-encounters. So we will play the future EMS with No-Crits, Mediclimit 1, Classlimit 2 gespielt.
With knowing this, interested clans should now visit the designated forum thread, so the ESL can plan the national qualifications.


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